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Review LOZ Diamond Blocks Model 9309 Minion Blocks

LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-2

LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-1

Unbox and Review LOZ Model 9309 Minion blocks Simple puzzle

Recently, I was a little fascinated by this kind of block. Why is it a little? Because I saw it, I would buy it, but I didn’t even see it. Secondly, although I have seen countless pieces of Lego’s various out-of-the-box assembly, I have never bought it before, so I may not be interested. (In fact, poor is more)

This Minion actually saw it in the Apple store at the beginning (that is, the kind of store that is not a direct store or an authorized store but sells really a Mac), and then goes to the night market at night. I have seen this, and this is more recent. Since I saw it, I bought two products (apparently I ordered one set…

I have ordered on, however when ordering did not notice and pressed twice for 1 product. Thank you very much for LOZ Diamond Blocks’s support to confirm the order and I canceled a product

The front looks okay, and the words are clear.. . . In fact, it is a high solution, The design is quite eye-catching.

LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-2

Box LOZ Diamond Blocks Model 9309 Minion Blocks

The box is quite thin, however, this price is quite okay.  Warning on the sideLOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-3

Open the box, the things inside are pretty neat.

LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-4

1 bag of parts, one-page instructions, and stickers.

LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-5

LOZ supplied a single double-sided sheet with a handy inventory for easy piece-sorting.They are all together, and they are still very easy to find because the instruction is really clear.

The difficulty of assembling is really not great but it is more than ten minutes. The most important thing is that the first three layers when you start to fight are to first fight the second and third layers, and finally put the first layer. That’s it.LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-6

Because the process of assembling is very focus, so I forget to take pictures, directly on the final Minion.

LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-7LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-8LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-9

In the end everything was finished

LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-10LOZ Diamond Block Model 9309-11

Finally, it is the novel, this thing is not difficult, it is suitable for completion at night, it is very Interesting. That is, less than a pack of cigarettes, just play it, don’t pursue work or something. Such a Minion has a variety of forms, there are big small and not big or small, anyway, it is a lot, like which one to buy one or two to play. This work is really very general, there is no big problem, but if you accidentally fall to the ground, you definitely don’t want to pick it up and fight again, because it is too difficult to dismantle.

Item specifics Model 9309 Minion Blocks

  • Type:Blocks
  • Plastic Type:ABS
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Material:Plastic
  • Certification:3C
  • 3C:Certificate
  • Model Number:LOZ 9309 Gifts For Kids
  • Age Range:> 6 years old
  • Warning:Can’t eat Compatible With Legoing
  • Plastic Block Shape:Self-Locking Bricks
  • Classification:Assemblage
  • Feature:DIY Toys For Children Gift
  • Bricks Number:260Pcs

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