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LOZ VS LEGO: Brickheadz Series Battle


LEGO® now become the biggest giant in the block toys area, but LOZ BlockS are  greater than simply a fake brand of LEGO or even LEGO clones.  They’ve risen as the main LEGO’s competitor; the most covetable of all the LEGO altinative. Maybe in light of the fact that LOZ is less expensive, and they produce a huge of characters that LEGO doesn’t. Take the LOZ Brickheadz set that we choose for this LOZ versus LEGO challenge and discover Who is the Winner?

With Brickheadz being a best toy incline, and with the two brands offering these particular looking models, we needed to complete a LOZ-LEGO correlation. We took a Brickheadz set from each brand and compared them with regard to packaging, construction, overall layout, and desirability. With this particular LOZ vs LEGO Brickheadz  review.                   

Our high-light impressions:

First items – The price 

LOZ Zelda: $7.95 (+ $2.95 shipping)

LEGO Streak: $9.99 (+ $4.95 shipping)

Clearly, the Loz Zelda is much cheaper than the one of Lego, including unit price and ship cost.

Second items – Parkage

Both LEGO and LOZ Brickheadz accompanied brilliant boxes displaying a picture of the finished form. The LOZ box had a brilliantly gleaming sheen and super-dynamic hues. LEGO… not really.

loz brickheads zelda

                    Loz brickheads zelda box

The LOZ set contained a fixed pack of blocks and a deconstructed box, very convenient for transportation. The LEGO box was full box which made it helpless against harmful transportation. Not great in case you’re a gatherer or the set is planned as a blessing.

lego brickheads the flash

Lego brickheads the flash box

Furthermore, the manual intruction

The two sets accompanied full-shading, delineated, well ordered directions. LOZ provided a solitary twofold sided sheet with a helpful stock for simple piece-arranging. LEGO’s were a thick booklet with a solitary advance for each page.

What about the blocks?

LOZ pieces are considerably littler than LEGO blocks. This could possibly make them troublesome for children to deal with and work with, albeit shockingly, Link was gone for age 6+ while The Flash was planned for over the age of 10.

Taking care of the blocks uncovered that LOZ Blocks are somewhat flimsier than their huge name partners, however they’ve thought of everything about, adding their logo to every block’s “knock”. The two sets had a couple of printed tile pieces – no stickers here! We found that LOZ Blocks are certainly not LEGO good, because of the limitlessly unique block sizes and extents.

Loz brickheads zelda block

Loz Brickheads Zelda block

lego brickheads the flash block

Lego Brickheads The Flash block

Let’s create the set-building  now!

Alright, this is actually the hardest part. What is more, assembling both of these sets has been entertaining. Connection took just somewhat more time to complete; entirely, the sets shot approximately 30-40 minutes per day. Whatever the case, that comprised a few stops to honor the wonderful curiosity points!

Each completed version was just shaded, but we will need to say, Zelda looks much larger on the situation than his version was! Staying in their baseplates, the LOZ and LEGO Brickheadz quantify 6.5cm and 8cm tall individually, with Zelda with littler extents all-round.

Loz brickheads zelda size

                 Loz brickheads zelda size

Our LOZ Brickheadz Zelda highlighted a small miniaturized scale suppose that sits within his mind. You’d then have the ability to expel Zelda’s face to find that the small person inside. Form of strange and, uh, why? Be as it may, it is charming and it increases the playability.

Discussing about playability, along with the fact that Zelda includes a small shield and sword to hold, – and this really is super-slick – his arms are poseable and his mind turns 360˚(Amazing!) The Flash… all things considered, The Flash simply kinda stays there like a burgundy-hued knot. Perhaps LEGO Brickheadz are intended more for display purposes?

Lego Brickheads The Flash in reality

    Lego Brickheads The Flash in reality

Connection is more like your toy; you’ll have him”battle” along with your other Brickheadz or position him in attack positions. As we’d love to presume, that enhances LOZ Brickheadz sets admiration – and much more fun!


• LOZ provides characters which LEGO does not – we approciate that’s superb!

• Both places are simple to stick to the instructions using hued outlines

• LEGO bits are chunkier that *can * create contructing harder for fledglings

• LOZ Brickheadz have additional information and more lively variable

• LEGO Brickheadz are ideal for version governments who ought to produce a demonstration

• LOZ Brickheadz possess”daintier” extents that might make them less jaded by youngsters

• We experienced a curious variety of fun creating the 2 versions!


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