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8 Reasons Why LOZ Diamond Blocks Are Better Than Lego

8 Reasons Why LOZ Diamond Blocks Are Better Than Lego

8 Reasons Why LOZ Diamond Blocks Are Better Than Lego

There is a Turning point in the plastic toy industry.

Lego has the brick building toy sector all sewn up, right? Wrong. Yes, they might have the headquarters, the cartoon movie, the video games and so much merchandising that you’ll bankrupt yourself trying to buy it all, but they don’t have miniature bricks. Germany toy company LOZ GROUP have found a tiny gap in the Lego-saturated market and given the world Diamond Blocks. The small-scale building kits are available in a variety of sets and themes including ‘Sites to See’ – a much better alternative to Lego’s architecture blocks – and the Brickheadz series. The donated kits build like Lego and look like Lego, but structurally are slightly different – not just in scale but their brick shapes vary too. Hard to track down and definitely addictive – here are 8 reasons why LOZ Diamond Blocks are ace and make Lego look like the money grabbing, over-priced plastic brick peddling gits that they are.

1: Money talks

How much Lego can you get for eight dollars? This is enough money for you to buy a piece of the set. For £8 or less you can take yourself a kit from the Superhero, Pokemon or Famous Buildings from LOZ Diamond Blocks series and spend about an hour happily building. Value for money! Lego kits of a similar price take approximately 5 minutes to build, and, if everyone’s honest with themselves, the cheap ones are more than a bit shit. You’ve got to be forking out some serious wedge to get anything semi-decent in the Lego world. Even a bucket full of the stuff costs $20 and is full of random bits you won’t need.

2: Size matters

So, you’re a Lego fan? I’ve got two words for you – no, not those words, these – ‘urban sprawl’. Lego takes up a lot of space. It starts innocently enough with the Simpson’s House – the gateway drug to a Lego kingdom and is a mammoth piece of Lego real-estate – and then you start eyeing up the Lego Creator series and maybe a Lego castle might just add a touch of old-fashioned charm. Before you know it you’re one of those wankers that’s forked out £25k for a loft conversion so you’ve got somewhere to display your houses made of plastic brick. No need for any of that carry-on with LOZ Diamond Blocks – each kit takes up so little space you can buy as many as you like without turning part of your house into an indecently expensive Lego shrine.

3: This Great White Shark

Reason number 3 should begin and end with this picture … Moveable jaw, fins, and tail all in glorious miniature. To build something like for like with Lego you’d definitely need a bigger boat … erm … well, the bigger house maybe. The point is, it’s a mini great white shark with moveable bits. All LOZ Diamond Blocks need to do now is make a mini Orca boat, a Chief Brody, a Quint, and some air tanks … Smile you son of a bitch!

4: You can now buy ‘adult toys’ with zero side-eye

Roaming around a Toys-R-Us without a child in-tow essentially means you’re on some sort of register before you’ve even reached the Lego aisle in most stores. Yes, we could buy our building blocks online, but we shouldn’t be outcasts because we’ve chosen to build things out of plastic instead of the alternative: Spawning 2.4 kids and dragging them around a well known out of town toy store so they can ungratefully spend our hard earned money. No, we’re far too busy actually having fun, spending our disposable income and enjoying life without the hassle of nappies, crying and sleepless nights to worry about. All that aside, LOZ Diamond Blocks are ace because they crop up in adult shops where we can freely roam without a nervous mum eyeing us disapprovingly for buying building blocks at the age of 35. They’re an adult toy that doesn’t require batteries or a trip to Ann Summers in a balaclava. For that, they must be applauded. I wouldn’t, however, suggest using LOZ Diamond Blocks as an actual ‘adult toy’ – you’ll be the talk of A&E for months if you turn up with a brick built meerkat stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be. They’ll know you didn’t ‘accidentally fall on it’. Trust me.

5: Everybody loves a challenge

Each little LOZ Diamond Blocks kit takes up anoa hour to make and the tiny wee pieces make it all the more difficult. Add to that the sometimes bewildering, yet brilliant, instructions fettered with Japanese symbols and odd diagrams and you have yourself a challenge far more difficult than anything Lego can cobble together. The pieces are so intricate that placement is key, one wrong move and the whole piece can crumble in your big old clumsy hands.

6: Colour me happy

Lego’s architecture series is just plain dull. Fact. What did we all learn that time they projected Gail Porter’s arse onto the Houses of Parliament? We learned that fusty old buildings look much more exciting with a bit of color – especially if that color happens to be in the shape of a moderately famous woman’s arse. LOZ Diamond Blocks, clearly (but most likely not) inspired by Gail Porter’s cheeks have given Big Ben and other dull

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