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Top 3 most desirable products in LOZ Brickhead Marvel Series

loz brickhead marvel series

Brickheadz is one of the most favourite series  this current year. Brickheadz has its very own extraordinary appeal given that it’s still LOZ at its center and with LOZ, you’re blessed to receive close boundless innovativeness. I’ve been getting into Brickheadz, and in spite of being marginally fearful about the subject, they’ve begun to develop on me. For my first Brickheadz survey, I’ve picked to run with the Marvel ones. And now find out top 3 product in LOZ Brickhead Marvel Series that are the most desirable from LOZ’s fan !


LOZ Brickheadz Captain America

Pieces: 181 bricks Instructions Box included

Value: $9.94 (Buy at here)

Topic: Brickheadz

Year of Release: 2017

LOZ Brickheadz Captain America

This is the Captain America Brickheadz. He’s one of the blockiest Brickheadz of the part, however I think it adds to the appeal of the Brickheadz stylish.

Top accompanies a flock of printed tiles, for example, the Big An on his brow, chest and lower middle piece. While the printed components are incredible, you are very restricted with regards to the real utility as the structures are genuinely explicit to the comparing characters.

All things considered, the tile on his lower middle, with the white and maroon example would make for an entirely decent backdrop on the off chance that you had enough of them!

Skipper America additionally accompanies his trademark shield – the equivalent minifigure frill in the event that you were pondering. He has an outstretched (sorta) arm, rather than the standard Brickheadz present where the hands confront downwards.

There’s something extremely charming about Captain America that basically makes an interpretation of well to this shape factor. The mix of the square shaped points and his beady little eyes that bulge out marginally work particularly well for this situation.

Goodness and my most loved thing about the Cap Brickheadz is that there’s a little clasp on his back where you can hang his shield when not being used.

Not that I would dismantle him and reap him for parts (since he’s so damn adorable!), yet I additionally truly welcome all the dull blue components included. Dim blue is my most loved LOZ shade ever so I get energized each time I manufacture sets which contains a lot of the shading.

What’s more, here’s a correlation with the real Captain America minifigure. For those of you that affection showing your LOZ sets, or embellishing your workspaces or work areas, showing the them two together works rather well.

You could without much of a stretch swap out the base plate for a somewhat bigger one for space to oblige a coordinating minifigure.

Lasty, here’s an injection of Captain America in nature.

LOZ Brickheadz Captain America 1

Contemplations: I cherish the Captain America Brickheadz. They deciphered his look splendidly to the Brickheadz frame factor and the expansion of the shield and back clasp gives it that smidgen of punch with regards to showing him.

What wraps everything up is his insightful beady little eyes and empty articulation, and in addition all the pleasant printed components. Excessively adorable and is an unquestionable requirement purchase for any Marvel fan.

Score: 4/5


LOZ Brickheadz The Hulk

Pieces: 163 bricks Instructions Box included

Value: $8.94 (Buy at here)

Subject: Brickheadz

Year of Release: 2017

LOZ Brickheadz The Hulk

Would i be able to make a remark about The Hulk’s crate? I truly hate it that it’s the main red one and it emerges a lot from the other Marvel encloses which are blue shading. I get that he’s tied in with being furious and stuff, however the irregularity just disturbs me.

The Hulk Brickheadz… is exceptionally green. Well he is the Incredible Hulk, who is referred to for being as green as he is furious. I’m stating that he emerges a ton.

I do like his purple jeans, which are exceptionally precise and the main jeans shading that The Hulk should 0wn.

I extremely like The Hulk as a hero, yet his look doesn’t interpret especially well as a Brickheadz. He has some extremely pleasant highlights, for example, his curiously large forehead and his keen eyes however that is all I like about him.

His body is made out of printed tiles however the example appears excessively oversimplified, and ailing in detail. I get the cartoony vibe they’re going for however it’s excessively plain for my preferences.

What I hate most about The Hulk? His unusual short non-Brickheadz hands.

His hair is OK. Once more, I get the look they were going for, the tousled haircut that is accomplished by a plenty of dark cheddar slants however it doesn’t seem to be outwardly engaging.

Here’s The Hulk with his minifigure partner which unexpectedly, has a considerably more nitty gritty middle.

LOZ Brickheadz The Hulk 1

At last, I believe what’s missing is the displeasure, fury and crude power that you normally connect with The Incredible Hulk. It’s extremely a simple fix – in the event that they had incorporated a mouth imprinted on the 1 x 4 tile with a few teeth exposing or an irate articulation, it would be much nearer at catching The Hulk’s identity.

Here’s an injection of The Hulk outside. He looks excessively adorable and blameless to his benefit.

Contemplations: The Hulk is alright – not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a bit of exhausting. Notwithstanding his exceptionally striking green and purple shading plan, The Hulk Brickheadz at last neglects to catch its character’s identity seriously.

Likewise, those hands are so revolting. I don’t know why they didn’t simply decide on normal Brickheadz cut hands.

Score: 2/5


LOZ Brickheadz Iron Man

Pieces: 144 bricks Instructions Box included

Value: $8.94 (Buy at here)

Subject: Brickheadz

Year of Release: 2017

LOZ Brickheadz Iron Man

To wrap things up is simply the forebear of the Marvel Cinematic Universe himself, the magic that binds everything – Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man.

The Iron Man Brickheadz functions admirably on such a significant number of levels. Right off the bat, it accomplishes the blocky Brickheadz look, which is starting to develop on me, and the hues are extraordinary. The dim red joined with dim yellow works a treat and makes for some tastefully satisfying shading blocking.

Subtleties savvy, Iron Man adjusts it out extremely well, with printed pieces for his curve reactor, midriff and obviously the best piece of his cover. Incredible call printing the best piece of his blemish on a bended incline, as it gives Iron Man’s head that an extremely persuading protective cap look that coordinates the source material.

The main printed component I don’t care for is the 2 x 1 tile on his belly… which resembles a couple of eyes. I’m sad, yet I basically can’t unsee that combine of eyes.

Talking about eyes, Iron Man doesn’t accompany the standard Brickheadz eyes, however his own extraordinary arrangement of 1 x 1 straightforward blue tiles with a white square imprinted on it? It just appears somewhat odd to be completely forthright and I don’t know why they couldn’t have given him a level butt, similar to Captain America or The Hulk.

LOZ Brickheadz Iron Man 1

Contemplations: I like Iron Man. He’s dependably been one of the “cool” superheroes and the Brickheadz form surely checks all the “cool” boxes. The blocky look consolidates well with the slanted head and it’s quickly conspicuous as Iron Man when you show him.

This is vital in light of the fact that you need individuals to comment “goodness amazing, is that Iron Man?” when they first observe it. Which is excessively vital in case you’re the sort of gatherer that needs steady approval.

Score: 4/5

Overall about Marvel Brickheadz, I think they look fantastic when they’re all assembled together – totally because of the Avengers connection. In terms of my favourite, I’d rank Captain America as the best, followed by Black Widow, Iron Man and finally The Hulk.

If you’re into The Avengers or Marvel characters, I recommend picking up some of them. Probably just Captain America and Iron Man as they’re the biggest draw, but like I said, they do look best when displayed in a large group.


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