LOZ mini block is the most impressive part of LOZ Blocks. LOZ refers to a miniature block. With the slogan “LOZ, every day is fighting”, the slogan is familiar to consumers, advocating individuality, and its products have become a kind of art on the fingertips, leading the trend of micro-building blocks that can’t stop.

The smallest size of LOZ mini blocks is 4mmX4mmX5mm. Small size means more creativity, so LOZ mini blocks have inspired more and more young people to challenge. Because the building blocks of this size were very rare in the market at that time, models like images, cars, airplanes, robots, buildings, pets, cartoon characters, etc. could be put together into a realistic shape.

LOZ mini Blocks is also a DIY self-assembling toy, cute and exquisite, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, exquisite workmanship and colorful colors, all kinds of shapes, can improve the sense of space, imagination, logic and movement Coordination, while challenging, stimulates logical thinking and spatial imagination.
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Cube Dudes Adventure Time x8


LOZ 1117 Motorcycle Mini Bricks


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LOZ 1311 Blind Egg Box BangBang Bear Mini Blocks

$61.07 $43.04

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LOZ 1725 Blacksmitth Shop Mini Bricks


LOZ 1731 Cake Shop Building Blocks


LOZ 1732 French Fries Shop Building Blocks


LOZ 1901 1902 1903 1904 Home Set Bundle Mini Bricks


LOZ 1901 Living Room Mini Bricks


LOZ 1902 Bedroom Mini Bricks


LOZ 1903 Kitchen Mini Bricks


LOZ 1904 Bathroom Mini Bricks


LOZ 9206-9236 Cute Cartoon Series Bundle Mini Brickheadz


LOZ 9851 Angel Music Box Mini Bricks