Inspired by the Disney animated film’s same name, LOZ Blocks makes the characters in the movie so lively. It is a great opportunity for those who love this cartoon to be given a huge collection of characters. Do not worry about the lack of characters, we create most of the characters you encounter in the movie. The assembly of them is quite challenging but in return, you will increase your focus, persistence, and ingenuity. Here are the 6 best selling products of the LOZ Group.

1. LOZ Cars Lightning McQueen

2. LOZ Cars Jackson Storm

3. LOZ Cars Cruz Ramirez

4. LOZ Cars British Mini Cooper

5. LOZ Cars Mater

6. LOZ Police Car

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LOZ 1111 1115 1116 Technic Car Model Set Bundle Brickheadz


LOZ 1111 Mini Cooper Car Brickheadz


LOZ 1112 Ice Cream Van Car Brickheadz


LOZ 1115 Surfing Duck Bus Brickheadz


LOZ 1116 Hot Dog Car Brickheadz


LOZ 1119 White Wedding Car Brickheadz


LOZ 1737 1738 Dessert Model Set Brickheadz


LOZ 1737 Fruit Car Brickheadz


LOZ 1738 Dessert Car Brickheadz


LOZ Cars British Mini Cooper


LOZ Cars Cruz Ramirez


LOZ Cars Jackson Storm


LOZ Cars Lightning McQueen


LOZ Cars Mater


LOZ Disney’s Cars Bundle


LOZ Police Car