Inspired by Japanese comic books, LOZ Blocks has brought closer to the children of the cartoon have long brought them good memories. The fans can own characters like Doraemon, Conan, Naruto, … pretty easy. The assembly of them is quite challenging but in return you will increase your focus, persistence and ingenuity. Here are the 10 best selling products of the Loz Group.

1. LOZ Detective Conan

2. LOZ Doraemon

3. LOZ Nobita Nobi

4. LOZ Shizuka

5. LOZ Goda Takeshi

6. LOZ Suneo Honekawa

7. LOZ Anime XiaoQiao

8. LOZ Anime Magical Girl

9. LOZ Anime Hatsu Dragneel

10. LOZ Captain Tsubasa Kojiro

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