LOZ Pokémon series was inspired by Anime Pokémon.  For more than 20 years, the Pokémon series has captured the minds of fans young and old all over the world.

Begin your way and turn into a Pokémon Trainer with  buildable Pokémon figures! Fabricate the power that is inside! The way to turning into a Pokémon Trainer begins when you find your most loved Pokémon with this arrangement of  buildable figures, including probably the most well known characters from the animated series!

Each figure comes in its own Poké Ball, which includes a pronged inside and top so you can show your Pokémon. Pick your most loved Pokémon from Pikachu, Zubat, Machop, Abra, Magikarp, and Eevee, and assemble each Pokémon in the arrangement! Each sold independently. Characters, subjects and details may vary. Ideal for ages 6 and up.

LOZ Pokémon features are Combined with other Pokemon construction sets from Mega Construx, LEGO,vvv..

Build your Pokemon world, and Build Beyond! Great gift for Pokemon fans. Let’s enjoy newest collection of LOZ Pokémon with highest quality and best price on Lozshop.com !

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BALODY 16169 Vulpix Pikachu Brickheadz


BALODY 16170 Charizard Pikachu Brickheadz


BS 8835-1 Detective Pikachu Mini Bricks


CHAKRA 6606 Medium Pokémon Venusaur


CHAKRA 6607 Large Pokémon Blastoise Turtle


CHAKRA 6608 Large Pokémon Charizard Dragon


CHAKRA 6609 Medium Pokémon Snorlax Bear


CHAKRA 6611 Large Pokémon Red Gyarados


CHAKRA 6612 Medium Pokémon Arcanine Dog


CHAKRA 9921 Brock Figure Pocket Monster Mini Bricks


CHAKRA 9922 Mini Pokémon Misty


CHAKRA 9923 Mini Pokémon Ash Ketchum


CHAKRA 9924 Pokemon Ball Set Brickheadz


DUZ 8607 Pikachu Pocket Monster Mini Bricks


DUZ 8665 Charizard Dragon Pocket Monster Mini Bricks


DUZ 8666 Venusaur Frog Pocket Monster Mini Bricks


DUZ 8667 Charmander Pocket Monster Mini Bricks


DUZ 8669 Jigglypuff Pocket Monster Mini Bricks

$77.98 $56.98

HC 2033 Detective Pikachu Mini Bricks


HC 9009 Pikachu Mini Bricks


HC 9021 Charmander Pocket Monster Mini Bricks


HC 9024 Jigglypuff Pink Pocket Monster Mini Bricks


HC 9046 Pikachu Pocket Monster Mini Bricks


HC 9100 9101 9102 9103 9104 9105 Pocket Monster Sit Set Bundle Mini Bricks