LOZ Movies was one cruatial part of LOZ Diamond Blocks that  has been inspired by such well-known animated films as Despicable Me, Finding Nemo, Kungfu Panda, Pixel, and many other popular films to create the mini characters models, very familiar with children such as Ariel Mermaid, Kevin, Panta Po, … Come to LOZ Movies, your children will participate in miraculous battles  of super heroes, animals or play a role of prince/princess. Beside, as you kow, they can also develope the creativity, intelligence and logical thinking. Parents can join along as a character in a movies of LOZ Movies Series.  All are  super wonderful time for family.

Let’s check top LOZ Movies Series that was most beloved by brick – fans around the world:

  1. LOZ Despicable me 
  2. LOZ Disney 
  3. LOZ Finding Nemo 
  4. LOZ Ice Age 
  5. LOZ Kungfu Panda 
  6. LOZ Pixels 
  7. LOZ Star Wars 
  8. LoZ Superheroes 
  9. LOZ Toy Story 
  10. LOZ Transfomer 
  11. LOZ Zootopia 

Let’s discover newest collection of all above items and experience at LOZShop.com !

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