Inspired by the heroes of DC and Marvel comics, Loz block brought closer to the fans who loved the superhero. Almost all superheroes are created so you do not have to worry about not having your favorite character. The assembly of them is quite challenging but in return you will increase your focus, persistence and ingenuity. Here are the 10 best selling products of the Loz Group.

  1. LOZ Brickheadz Avenger Thor
  2. LOZ Superhero Loki
  3. LOZ Superhero Iron Man
  4. LOZ Superhero Cyclops
  5. LOZ Superhero Deadpool
  6. LOZ Superhero Magneto
  7. LOZ Superhero Superman
  8. LOZ Superhero Spiderman
  9. LOZ Classic Captain America
  10. LOZ Classic Batman

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