Having received a lot of comments from fans, LOZShop – LOZ Official Store have created the thematic products. You can easily collect related products under the same theme at LOZShop. Just stay home and order, we will send you the most unique sets such as Big Hero 6 Baymax, Despicable Me Christmas Bundle... The assembly of them is quite challenging but in return, you will increase your focus, persistence and ingenuity. Here are the 10 best selling products of the Loz Group.

  1. LOZ Big Hero 6 Baymax Bundle
  2. LOZ Despicable Me Christmas Bundle
  3. LOZ Finding Nemo Bundle
  4. LOZ Ice Age Bundle
  5. LOZ Mini Street Bundle
  6. Cube Dudes Adventure Time x8
  7. LOZ Mini Street Restaurant Bundle
  8. LOZ Mini Street Store Bundle
  9. LOZ Thomas and Friends Bundle
  10. LOZ Zootopia Bundle

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LOZ 1633-1636 City


LOZ 1901-1904 Home Set