Inspired by world-famous Architectures, Loz block has brought closer to young people to admire these famous Architectures in the most detailed way. Just stay home and order, we will bring the world to you: Burj Khalifa Tower, Daming Palace, Easter Island... The assembly of them is quite challenging but in return, you will increase your focus, persistence, and ingenuity. Here are the 10 best selling products of the Loz Group.

1. LOZ Burj Khalifa Tower
2. LOZ Daming Palace
3. LOZ Easter Island
4. LOZ Great Sphinx of Giza
5. LOZ Leaning Tower of Pisa
6. LOZ Lincoln Memorial
7. LOZ Merlion Park
8. LOZ Ostankino Tower
9. LOZ Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle
10. LOZ Statue of Liberty

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